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Community Benefit Societies

Social Firm

A business set up specifically to create employment opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour market -

An Employee owned Business

Where the employees have a voice in how the business is run through employee engagement and a stake in the success of the business -

Credit Union

A member-owned financial co-operative, democratically controlled by its members and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at competitive rates and providing other financial services to its members -

Public Sector Mutual

Public sector services are being ‘spun out’ into independent enterprises. Many of these are mutual. These can take a number of forms from being wholly owned by the employees to minority owned or owned by a range of different stakeholders -

‘To build a more sustainable, equitable & democratic world,
we need an empowered, connected & durable movement of citizens’

South West Co-operative Support Limited
Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Society Act 2014
Registered number: 30672R
Registered Address: The Coach House, 2 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN
VAT registration number: GB 976 6695 43
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